Hold onto your ten gallon hats, because we have some world shattering news. After a prolonged silence, the Calgary Stampede has acknowledged that if social distancing measures continue through the summer, the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth might be cancelled for the first time ever.

The information comes from a Globe and Mail article, where the CEO, Warren Connell, said that “With any social-distancing requirements, it just really wouldn’t be responsible or possible for us to host a Stampede.” Yikes, that’s a pretty blunt admission.

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Of course, the Calgary Stampede isn’t the only major event to be affected by COVID-19. But, we would be lying if we said that it wasn’t amongst the most important in Canada. The 10-day long celebration has been around for over a century, surviving fires, floods… almost anything.

And yes, we’re a Calgary-based company, we know. But keep in mind that not even a decade ago most of Calgary was underwater, and the city still rallied together to put on the Stampede.

So this news is particularly tough to hear. We hope that the organizers are capable of getting through these challenging times.