Who’s been patiently waiting for CRAFT Beer Market on 10th Ave to reopen?! The time is finally here, pals! CRAFT Beer Market announced its official opening date: Monday, Sept. 30th. So, it looks like Tuesday, Oct. 1st will be a “sick day”?


CRAFT’s new concept is raising the bar when it comes to restaurants and bars. We can’t wait for you to relish in the re-imagined CRAFT, equipped with Insta-worthy murals, a vintage-inspired cocktail camper (whaaa), indoor string lights that make it feel like every season is patio season, baller bocce ball courts, a new slushie cocktail menu (and cocktails on tap), and canned craft brews.

It will feel like you’re on an Insta-worthy camping trip every time you visit CRAFT. Even when it’s -30 outside. And it’s a weekday.

Oh yeah, we mentioned the stunning 300-person rooftop patio with glistening string lights and NYC-style views of downtown opening in spring 2020, right? Along with the newly renovated space, CRAFT Beer Market will continue to house over 100 craft beers on tap – phew!

craft beer market

The re-imagined CRAFT is built on becoming a movement, culture, and frame of mind. “As Calgarians, now is not the time to sit and wait,” stated CRAFT founder, PJ L’Heureux. “We can talk about making changes, or we can be entrepreneurial and go out and do them.” If that doesn’t inspire you, Calgary, we don’t know what will!

PJ’s goal from the get-go was to create a community of craft brewers that gave back. From PJ’s mandate, he’s instilled an inclusive environment at CRAFT. From suppliers, guests, partners, to anyone who walks through the doors – they’re all treated like family. Which is perfect, because we’re about to become regulars.

craft beer market

The newly renovated CRAFT pays tribute to the fine brewery partners across Calgary, with their wall-to-ceiling Calgary Brewery Map. Which, of course, we’ll be referencing for our next brewery bike tour.

Since its inception in 2011, CRAFT was one of the original restaurants concentrated on bringing beer-focused concepts to Calgary. Since then, CRAFT Beer Market has grown to seven locations (and counting) across Canada.

Serving as an intrinsic influence on the Calgary craft beer scene, CRAFT Beer Market surged the inspiration behind the craft beer movement now captivating Calgarians and Canadians alike. Check out the brand new digs!


Where: 345 10 Ave SW