Did you know that our city has got over 40 areas where a dog can hang out off-leash? And of course, that includes some great dog parks around Edmonton. With the weather improving every week, we think now’s a great time to find somewhere new! So, we put a little list together for you.

Here are 8 great dog parks to check out around Edmonton.

Terwillegar Park

Yes yes, we know. When we originally wrote this guide, we overlooked this classic off-leash dog park, and for that we’re sorry. Located perfectly in the Saskatchewan River Valley, Terwillegar Park is easily one of the top spots in the city to take the pupper for a walk.

Where: 10 Rabbit Hill Road NW

Paisley Dog Park

Located at the edge of the city, Paisley Dog Park is the best classic pick for a pupper. The fully-gated area is great for letting Fido run free, and even has some agility equipment if you’re ready to do some time trials. Next stop- the SuperDogs mainstage.

Where: 3051 Paisley Green SW

Alex Decoteau

In contrast, this park is located in the heart of downtown, and has the restrictions to match. The space currently has a capacity of just 15, and only small dogs are recommended to be at the park. But, if yours fits the bill, this is a very convenient place to head to for half an hour.

Where: 10230 105 Street NW

Manning Village Dog Park

Manning Village is like the north version of Paisley. While it doesn’t have agility equipment, it does feature ample room for your four-legged friend to run until their heart’s content. Bring a tennis ball or something and you’re in store for hours of fun.

Where: Ebbers Boulevard & 144 Avenue

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If we wrote this article a few years back, Lauderdale (formerly known as Grand Trunk Dog Park) wouldn’t be on it. But, it’s now the largest fenced dog park in the city, making it great for pups of all sizes! Plus, you don’t have to drive to the outskirts of the city to get here.

Where: South end of Grand Trunk Park from 127 to 129 Avenue and 113 A to 109 Street

Buena Vista Dog Park

Now, let’s see what the River Valley has to offer. While not fenced, Buena Vista offers a massive area for your dog to run around and play. What’s more- there seems to be a consensus amongst park goers that dogs are expected, so you don’t have to worry too much about a grumpy walking group getting grouchy about your dog zooming by.

Where: 7823 131 Street NW


Located in the city’s Northeast, Hermitage is a great choice for those who want a River Valley park that’s not as crowded as those closer to downtown. Plus, there’s something very fun about watching a dog splash around on a riverbank. No? Just us? Alright.

Where: 2115 Hermitage Road NW

Central Bark

‘Edmonton’s only gated and members-only dog park’ has a little more pompous sound to it than what this actually is. In reality, this 3-acre dog park is run by the Edmonton Humane Society. So your membership fee ($12/month or $130/year) goes back into the park and the service. Think of it as the dog park equivalent of a golf course.

Note: Central Bark is currently closed, due to public health restrictions.

Where: 13620 – 163 Street NW
Cost: $5 for drop-in or $12 a month, get more info here

And that’s our roundup of some of the best dog parks in Edmonton. Want to see the rest of what’s our there? Click here to head to the City of Edmonton website.