Yes, Chef! Canadian Chef and Toronto restaurant owner, Matty Matheson, appeared on a recent episode of “The Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon where he discussed his upbringing as a Chef in Canada before making his way to TV screens in the wildly popular series “The Bear”.

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Matty Matheson appeared on the late night talk show ahead of the season three premiere of “The Bear” which comes out on June 27th.

The Canadian Chef doesn’t actually play a Chef of the show but rather a handyman named Neil Fak, and is also one of the executive producers for the series.

During the interview with Fallon, Matheson talked about his upbringing in the restaurant world.

“I’m just a kid from Fort Erie, went to culinary school…and uh, everything in my life has come through food, through cooking, through showing you are through something you do which I think is a beautiful thing,” said Matheson.

When asked about not playing a Chef in “The Bear”, Matheson made mention of his mark in the city of Toronto.

“I’m a Chef in real life! I’ve got restaurants in Toronto.”

Fallon and Matheson continued to joke about the 42-year-old’s role in the show and how it’s the exact opposite of what he does in the real world.

“I gotta act! And so they’re like will you be the handyman? And I’m just like I don’t know how to do anything! Like with a screwdriver and a ladder? What do you do with a ladder? I don’t do that stuff,” laughed Matheson.

We can’t wait to see Matty Matheson in season three of “The Bear” but in the mean time, check out his Toronto restaurants if you’re in the city.