Toronto, get ready to dive into the magnificent world of Banksy. The world’s largest Banksy exhibit, “The Art of Banksy” is headed to Toronto, bringing with it previously unseen work. Here’s what to know.

The Art of Banksy is officially making its mark in Toronto with more than 150 captivating pieces on display. This is your chance to see the world’s largest unauthorized collection of privately-owned Banksy art, one of the most influential artists of our era.

From iconic works to exclusive unveilings, immerse yourself in creativity like never before, right here in the heart of our vibrant city.

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According to organizers, these pieces include prints, canvases, screenprints, sculptures, hand-drawn sketches, and limited-edition pieces.

There are also video testimonials by “a close associate of Banksy” who worked on prints of iconic images with the artist, per organizers.

“The most expensive piece in this collection is Banksy’s Mona Lisa, a signed but previously unknown work that was originally bought directly from the artist by a Hollywood A-list actor, who is a personal friend of Banksy,” shares organizers in a press release.

“The owner of this painting has been buying art direct from the artist and now boasts a collection that includes works specially commissioned for him that are unknown to the public. In 2022, he returned the Mona Lisa to Banksy who then developed the painting further to create a brand-new artwork that incorporated the original. This painting is on loan to The Art of Banksy collection for a limited time only.”

Fans are encouraged to sign up for priority tickets online. Tickets go on sale March 23rd, 2024.

The exhibit will be held at the Lighthouse Artspace Toronto.

The Art of Banksy

When: May 29th, 2024
Where: Lighthouse Artspace Toronto – 1 Yonge St
Cost: Starting at $39.99