Sometimes, we think it’s nice to survey ye olde corporate landscape in Canada, which is why we’re interested in the new list of Canada’s top small & medium businesses for 2021. The list, which is put out yearly by Mediacorp, looks at the top 100 names in Canada.

Although, we will mention that this is an editorial list, so it’s not exactly strictly objective. Instead, companies are highlighted for their initiatives, benefits programs, and so on. Even still, it’s a great way to see what Canada’s most progressive companies are getting up to.

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And, they come from a variety of different sectors. You could check out a rapidly growing tech group at Redbrick, hop on the renewables wave at BluEarth, or enter the world of sports with theScore. Heck, even a growing gelato company called Righteous has made the list.

So, what we’re saying is, you’ve got options when it comes to jobs in Canada. And, with the help of this list of the top small and medium businesses, it’s easier than ever to see what the leaders are offering.For the list in full, just click here!