We’re the first to admit that the only Top 40 under 40 list we’re ever going to get on is the capacity to eat shredded cheese straight out of the bag at 2AM. But, it’s still fun to see what Canada’s real go-getters actually get up to. So, let’s see what kinds of folks made this list for 2020!

The list, presented by the talent search firm Caldwell, highlights Canadians across a variety of sectors and careers. While high-flying business folks are on the list, so are researchers, doctors and entrepreneurs. The list was decided by 25 Canadian leaders, following over 1000 nominations countrywide.

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One name that caught our eye is Dr. Stephanie Simmons. The Vancouver-based researcher is a world leader in quantum technologies, and who is currently helping build the world’s first large-scale silicon quantum processor. Basically, Dr. Simmons is living in the future, and eventually, we’ll catch up.

There are also people like Paul M. Taylor on there. As Executive Director of FoodShare, Taylor oversees the distribution of healthy food options to some 260,000 people a year. What’s more, the organization donated an additional 50,000 of their good food boxes to Canadians at the onset of the COVID-19 crisis.

So, whether you’re trying to become a world-renowned researcher, make business deals, or just help out around the community, the 20202 Top 40 under 40 list has someone to look up to. To check this list out in full, head over to BNN Bloomberg.