Thinking of starting your own business? Ready to move into a new sector for your career? Either way, the Canada Growth List for 2020 is a great starting point. Now in its 32nd year, the list from Canadian Business magazine highlights the companies, and areas, taking off in the country.

Let’s kick things off with the criteria. Basically, a company’s revenue growth over the past 5 years determines its position on the list. That way, companies can show their growth from a more long-term perspective, instead of being defined on one good or bad year.

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Sounds straightforward, but the top-performing companies have had some mind-blowing success. Marlin Spring, a real estate investment and management company, has seen a whopping 57,144% growth in revenue. And, the other names in the top 10 have just as staggering numbers:

canadian fastest growing companies

Like we said, there are definitely opportunities for both entrepreneurs and employees in Canada. We suggest checking out the Canada Growth List for yourself in full, and seeing what’s out there! A little window shopping never hurt anyone, right?