No matter the season, make the most of your time in Cowtown by staying out late enough to watch the sky glow. From one side to the other, our city has some pretty spectacular spots to curl up with a picnic blanket, breathe a little deeper or take a few photos – and what better time to do that than during the golden hour? Not sure where to head first? Here are 10 of the most incredible places to watch the sunset in Calgary.



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This spot doubles as both a dynamite sunset-watching spot and a Stampede fireworks viewpoint – we know, we know, we’re a week too late. Anywho, from this hill, you can see the entire city skyline and the Saddledome which truly is magical. Take it in while you can, folks! In a few year’s time when they take down the iconic Saddledome building, this view just won’t be the same.

Where: Scotsman’s Hill, Salisbury St. S.E., Ramsay



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We hope your inside voice is on point, Calgary – because here, you’ve better keep it down! Located right above Mission Road, there’s a beautiful residential area on 33 Avenue. From sunrise to sunset, this place will give you a glowing skyline POV – one that will completely change the way you see Calgary. Trust us, it’s worth having to be extra sneaky.

Where: Directions here



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Though we’d recommend bringing a hiking pole and some snug sneaks, McHugh Bluff is another one that you won’t regret! Yes, it requires some extra insurance, but no matter what shape you’re in, we can guarantee you won’t regret it! Pro tip: bring snacks and stay a while to really make the trip worth your time.

Where: Crescent Rd NW & Centre Street N, Calgary



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Overlooking the Bow River, Tom Campbell’s Hill is gorgeous at any time of the day, but at sunset? Wowza. Also, there are cute little benches facing the skyline, which is nice, and if you’re lucky you might even catch some wildlife.

Where: 25 St. George’s Dr. NE, Calgary



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Extraordinarily photogenic, The East Village Riverwalk is practically the Bella Hadid of Calgary viewpoints. Grab a camera and cozy up with your S/O or best pal while you watch the sun disappear behind the riverbank at the top of the hill. Gorgeous.

Where:  6th Street and 6th Avenue SE, Calgary

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Another well-kept-secret, the Toronto Crescent viewpoint is stunning especially in the evening when the inner city is lit up. From here, Calgary seems like it stretches as far as the eye can see, again, changing the way that you see things.

Where: 2564 Toronto Crescent NW, Calgary



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There’s a perfect sunset view from almost anywhere in Edworthy. Follow the Douglas Fir Trail for Terabithia-like views, or check out the Lawrey Gardens and let the pooch run free around their 150 off-leash areas while you watch the sky go from blue to black over downtown.

Where: 5050 Spruce Dr. SW, Calgary



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Another notoriously great fireworks-watching spot, Tyndale Park makes the city look a heck of a lot bigger than it actually is – which is wild because we certainly don’t live in a small city.. From the Bow building and Calgary Tower to the sun and sky – the gang is all there and it’s totally perfection.

Where: 1343 Colgrove Ave NE, Calgary



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North Glenmore is a bit of an escape from busy city hustle and bustle. From here, you can catch the sunset over the Rocky Mountains and the Elbow River Valley. We like to go here when we want to forget other humans exist with us, and it works! Ahh, ignorance is bliss.

Where: 7305 Crowchild Tr. SW, Calgary



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Stretch those legs, YYC. It’s definitely a pain in the butt to get to this one because it does require a bit of climbing, but it’ll be worth it! This beautiful space on the edge of Ramsay is wide open and gives you a totally unobstructed view of the city – perfect for sunset watching.

Where: Directions here

There you have it, Calgary, 10 breathtaking places to watch the sunset. Man, we’ve got it pretty good, don’t we?