Ready to see something new in the city? You’re in luck, because an amazing new ‘digital immersion gallery’ is now at Telus Spark. The 6,000 square foot gallery will be bringing incredible new exhibitions to Calgary, and we got an early look at the first one! Let’s check it out.

The digital immersion gallery is the result of a months-long collaboration between Telus Spark and ​​Supply and Demand Studio, which has, among other things, produced music videos for Taylor Swift. So yeah, they’re bringing the noise.

And we could feel it. The first exhibition, Every Second, offers a gorgeous look at what it means to, basically, live your life. Separated into 5 rooms, the exhibit breaks down various stages of life into a collection of facts, images, and video clips.

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Paired with the matronly, somewhat wistful voice of Isabella Rossellini, the combination of the narrative with the immersive projections and sounds transports you, for a brief moment, into the memories and hopes of an actual person. Immersive? You can bet your bottom dollar on it.

Take for example the third room, which includes a beautifully created overlay comparing highways, the brain’s neural networks, and computer chips. What’s already a pretty interesting setup becomes truly stunning in the moment, and the only thing harder than taking your eyes off the screen is figuring out which one to focus on!

Our final bit of advice? Don’t let photos (like ours, we know) be enough for you. Since this exhibition is free with admission to Telus Spark, it needs to be experienced in person. Don’t tell anybody, but we even had to see it twice.

Every Second at Telus Spark

When: Now open!
Where: 220 St. George’s Drive NE
Cost: Free with admission ($26 for GA0