What would Taylor Swift do? For those really wondering, one North American school is offering its students a trendy new class aptly named the Psychology of Taylor Swift, which will explore parasocial relationships and the megastar’s music through a scientific lens.

Described as a way to deepen the “understanding of a variety of topics within social psychology,” this particular class is being taught at Arizona State University and, according to their website, is already full despite just being announced earlier this August.

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“Taylor Swift is a global phenomenon, award-winning singer-songwriter, Forbes – 30 Under 30, Doctor of Fine Arts from NYU,” they explain in the description,

“As psychologists, what can we learn from her? To be clear, this course will not focus on an analysis of Taylor herself. Instead, we will learn about advanced topics in social psychology that feature in her work, her life, and her fans including romantic relationships, fiction/escapism, revenge, and social development.”

Interested? This of course is not the first time a post-secondary school has explored “celebrity.”

Toronto Metropolitan University’s Creative School recently offered an elective course ‘Deconstructing Drake & The Weeknd,’ which gave students the opportunity to learn more about hip-hop, R&B and pop culture through two of the most popular and internationally bestselling artists – cool right?


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Luckily, this likely won’t be the last time a reputable school offers a class on a relevant public figure, so keep an eye on your local universities! You never know what might pop up. Another class on Taylor Swift, perhaps? Heck, we think we could probably teach it ourselves.

Let us know what celebrity class you’d like to see. From Britney to Michael there are some definitely worth exploring.

Good luck to all those enrolled and have fun! We know all too well that you’re going to have the time of your life.