The Rocky Mountains never get old. Just when you think you’ve seen every peak and valley, someone or something comes along and gives you a different vantage point. In our opinion though, these snow-covered giants are best seen from above from the seat of a helicopter. Luckily, for those who aren’t able to dangle from a chopper, either because it’s unrealistically expensive or just absolutely terrifying, CHM Heli-Skiing has begun offering a safe, far cheaper way to soar above the glaciers.

Over the course of an entire winter, this Banff-based travel company actually filmed an unreal virtual reality experience, that will guide viewers up, over, down and through the CMH Cariboo Lodge in British Columbia.

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If you’d like to watch Lines Of Sight you can check it out here, for free on YouTube VR. Oculus or VeeR, using either a VR headset or even just a Google Cardboard.

Honestly, folks, we’d definitely recommend checking it out. It’s pretty clear that they took their time to make this film come to life, and considering where and how they had to film, we can’t imagine that it was an easy task.

From above the trees, to below walking through the resort, Lines Of Sight, will make you feel like you’re right there, toes in the snow along with the cameramen.

We might not be able to travel right now, but we’ve got technology and man, oh, man are we thankful for that. Enjoy!