One of the biggest annual sporting events kicks off this weekend just before and after the Rihanna concert… Jokes aside, we’re excited for this year’s Super Bowl not just because of the major face-off but because of the commercials we get to watch in between.

Though for Canadian fans, as we already know, the hilarious, star-filled ads from the U.S. will not be aired in Canada. But not to worry, we got you covered in that department.

According to Shaw Direct, the reason why Canadians won’t be able to see American Super Bowl commercials on live TV is due to a Supreme Court of Canada ruling “which aims to protect the rights of Canadian broadcasters and keep advertising dollars in the Canadian market.”

“The practice is called ‘simultaneous substitution’ and allows for the Canadian broadcaster to air Canadian ads but keep the program the same. When substitution occurs, you see the signal, including the Canadian commercials, on a US channel,” according to the broadcaster.

Though that may be a bummer for major NFL fans, you can still watch these commercials online. And we’ve listed the best:

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Here’s what we’ll miss on the big day:

Hellmann’s US

General Motors and Netflix with Will Farrell

Pringles with Megan Trainor

Crown Royal

M&Ms aka Ma&Ya’s


Downy Unstopables

Rakuten – The Extended Cher Cut

Heineken USA


Pop Corners 1

Pop Corners

Avocados From Mexico



Uber ONE