Now that we are in Daylight Saving Time in Ontario, that means the sun sets later and warmer weather is around the corner. I can’t think of a better recipe for a fun, free evening with friends or a loved one than watching the sun go down on a clear evening. Need help picking a place to do so? Here’s a list of the best spots in Toronto to watch the sunset.

Riverdale Park East

This is a personal favourite and a popular spot to catch the sunset. Check what time the sun is going down and show up early as the hill at Riverdale Park East fills up quickly!

Where: Riverdale Park East, 550 Broadview Ave

Tommy Thompson Park

Also located in Toronto’s east end is Tommy Thompson Park. This area extends about five kilometres into Lake Ontario, showing off a stunning view of the city and making for a great sunset-watching spot.

Where: Tommy Thompson Park, 1 Leslie St

Sugar Beach

Sugar Beach has chairs to lounge on right in the sand meaning you won’t even have to bring a blanket to sit on!

This urban beach park is located along the waterfront downtown, giving the feel of somewhere a little more tropical to take in the sunset.

Where: Sugar Beach, 25 Dockside Dr

Polson Pier

Go to Toronto’s Port Lands area to find Polson Pier. This slightly east location shows off the city’s entire skyline and is a popular destination to catch a sunset.

Where: Polson Pier, 11 Polson St

Woodbine Beach

Woodbine Beach is in east Toronto and pretty much anywhere you can park yourself down in the sand here will be a great place to watch the sunset.

Where: Woodbine Beach, 1675 Lake Shore Blvd E

Humber Bay Arch Bridge

Now we’re heading to the city’s west end where the Humber Bay Arch Bridge is located. If you stand on this bridge you’ll have the perfect view of the whole city and any sunsets that come your way!

Where: Humber Bay Arch Bridge, Martin Goodman Trl

The Broadview Hotel Rooftop

The Rooftop is The Broadview Hotel’s restaurant so while you may have to make a reservation, it’s worth the sunset views!

Plus, who doesn’t want a drink in their hand and some delicious food while they watch the sunset?

Where: The Broadview Hotel, 106 Broadview Ave

Centre Island


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Hop on the ferry to Centre Island if you want a perfect place to watch a sunset.

The views from Centre Island cover the whole city skyline and there are even some chairs and benches set up along the island’s waterfront so you can have a seat while you watch the sun go down.

Where: Centre Island

Grenadier Pond

Grenadier Pond runs along High Park and is a cozy spot for sunset watching. While some come here to fish, it also makes for a quieter place to sit during Toronto’s bustling evenings.

Where: Grenadier Pond, located along High Park, 1873 Bloor St W

Scarborough Bluffs Park

Scarborough Bluffs Park is a classic spot to watch a Toronto sunset and it doesn’t get old. There’s a parking lot so load up your car with blankets, snacks and whatever else you need to enjoy the sunset.

Enjoy the stunning views, Toronto!