It’s the Toronto foodie’s favourite time of year! The city-wide food festival Summerlicious is back, and there are a ton of delicious new places to explore.

One of the festival highlights this year will be Culinary Legends: Michelin Experience from Hong Kong. For one night only, two of Hong Kong’s most acclaimed Michelin-starred chefs, along with chefs Eric Chong and Gabriela Fonseca, will present an exclusive tasting menu you don’t want to miss! This gastronomic event, sponsored by the Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival, will take you on a trip to Hong Kong, a city known for its thriving culinary scene with everything from fine dining to tantalizing street eats.

Here’s everything you need to know about the event and where to get your tickets so you don’t miss out.

What To Expect

Culinary Legends: Michelin Experience from Hong Kong will take place at Yu Seafood Yorkdale on July 18 at 6:30PM. This venue already has a reputation for authentic and delicious Chinese cuisine. So, it’s a natural fit to host two of Hong Kong’s most prolific celebrity chefs.

Chefs Cheng Kam-fu and Alvin Leung will dazzle you with Hong Kong classics and inventive dishes using the best Hong Kong and Canadian ingredients. And they’ll be joined by local stars Chef Eric Chong and Pastry Chef Gabriela Fonseca from the soon-to-open restaurant aKin

Plus, you could score a sweet Premium Economy trip to the Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival thanks to Air Canada! 

This night is all about exceptional eats: Brother Seafood King’s top-tier seafood, Butcher Boutique’s crispy Kurobuta pork belly, Viking Fishing Groups’ bold Sockeye Smoked Salmon, and Nebo Mushroom’s nutritious organic mushrooms. Don’t forget Yang He Group’s fine liquors for that extra kick!

Located at the southwest wing of Yorkdale mall, Yu Seafood’s awarding winning design can host 238 people comfortably.  Serving authentic Chinese Dishes combining traditional and modern takes from every perspective reflect into the flavour, presentation, and experiences it offers to the utmost. A drinking haven with the finest touch to the strictly selected ingredients.

To top it off, enjoy an RSPA spa coupon, courtesy of Air Canada. Your ticket also includes a curated 8-course menu from Michelin-starred restaurant The Demon Celebrity, featuring Hong Kong’s finest flavours with a twist by Chefs Cheng Kam-fu and Alvin Leung.

Meet the Master Chefs

Demon Chef Alvin Leung

Alvin Leung is a Canadian chef and TV personality, now based in Hong Kong. He’s known as the mind behind the concept of “X-Treme Chinese,” a style of fusion cuisine that pushes the boundaries of traditional cooking. Leung’s skills have earned him two Michelin stars at Bo Innovation and one Michelin star at The Demon Celebrity in Hong Kong. He was also a judge on the popular TV show MasterChef Canada.

Chef Cheng Kam-Fu

Chef Cheng Kam-fu is a culinary icon in Hong Kong with a career spanning over five decades. His name is synonymous with high-end Cantonese cuisine, with well-known dishes like roasted supreme beef and bird’s nest-stuffed chicken wing. Chef Cheng Kam-fu’s culinary skills have earned him the ‘celebrity chef’ title and a Michelin star for The Demon Celebrity.

Chef Eric Chong

Eric Chong found his true calling in cooking becoming the first winner of MasterChef Canada at 21. He honed his culinary skills in Asia under Alvin Leung’s Bo Innovation and now co-owns R&D Restaurant in Toronto. He’s known for blending Asian and Canadian cuisines and was named Asian Restaurateur of the Year in 2019. Eric continues to push culinary boundaries, set to launch aKin, a fine dining experience showcasing modern Asian cuisine, in October 2024. Eric also co-hosts Wok The World and represents numerous brands while appearing frequently on TV and in magazines.

Chef Gabriela Fonseca

Pastry Chef Gabriela Fonseca is a chef fuelled by her passion for pastry. Hailing from São Paulo, she honed her skills at the acclaimed 2-Michelin star restaurant D.O.M. and the prestigious 5-star Fasano Hotel. In 2016, Gabriela moved to Toronto, where she became a chocolatier at Soma Chocolate. In the summer of 2020, she completed a post-graduate program at ENSP in France. She brings her unique blend of French techniques with Asian flavours to aKin where she blends French techniques with Asian flavours.

Make sure you get your tickets to Culinary Legends: Michelin Experience from Hong Kong for a 5-star culinary experience. You might not be able to travel across the world at a moment’s notice, but you can try the food – and that’s the next best thing! And don’t forget, you could be jetting off to Hong Kong in Premium Economy, thanks to Air Canada, for the Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival.


When: 6:30 PM – 10 PM | Thursday, July 18th, 2024
Where: Yu Seafood Yorkdale, 3401 Dufferin Street #Unit 601A Toronto