This one is for the lunchtime aficionados. The sandwich pioneers. The flavour explorers and recipe curators…

You’re already a Subway megafan, but now’s your chance to become the real MVP. Subway just issued the Great Canadian Challenge, and the prize is 1,000,000 MVP Rewards points!

Just think of how many yummy Subway sandwiches you could get…

The Details

Subway has revamped their loyalty program with new and improved perks. The new Subway Canada MVP Rewards app lets you ascend the sandwich ranks from Pro to Captain to All-Star status, all while unlocking tasty rewards.

Now, here’s where the challenge comes in.

Across the country, there will be 10 hidden QR codes to find. Entering the contest is easy: just scan the QR code once you find it and enter your information for the chance to win BIG. 

But you’ll need to act quickly because the QR codes are only live until December 6 at 11:59PM!

These QR codes will be hidden in Subway locations across Vancouver, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Toronto, Quebec City, Fredericton, St John’s, Charlottetown, and Halifax.


Psst! Here’s A Hint

Are you ready for the ultimate treasure hunt? Find your local clue below and get searching!


Hungry sandwich lovers in Vancouver can head to this park where kids used to meet and gather – helping them find a sense of community in the Endowment Lands.


Those in Edmonton would be hard pressed to miss this curvature of this structure – mirroring the soft, fluffy bread of Subway.


After a soccer match, sporty sandwich lovers can head to this nearby Subway location that holds the key to fueling up and the potential for a true MVP to arise.


Oh Deer! Winnipeg treasure hunters can head to this neighbourhood and look for James for the chance to be Subway’s most loyal MVP.


There’re no real dinosaurs in sight at this Toronto park – grab a ball, and your phone, and shoot for the chance to win 1M MVP Rewards Points.


Known as the largest centre dedicated to ice sports, hungry Quebecers can skate – or run – towards VIP status.


A space to honour athletes, teams and builders, this place is championing Fredericton’s rich sporting heritage. A QR code is hidden nearby for those who are ready to be a true Subway champion.


Those in Halifax will have a Spring in their step as they scan their way to a world of sub-portunities. Lucky for them, there’s a place to fuel up at the end of this street.

St. John’s

Hidden away in St. John’s is an alleyway with a secret surprise. This popular spot holds a hidden surprise for some hungry athletes.


Charlottetown sandwich fiends should prepare to hit the ice or jump in for a swim. Located near the University, hungry athletes needn’t look far for a sandwich that can fuel their busy schedules.

Don’t forget to download the Subway Canada MVP Rewards app to start climbing the ranks of sandwich royalty!