Subway Canada has given “spring cleaning” a whole new meaning. The sandwich chain has revamped its menu, now featuring 15 chef-crafted sandwiches, ten Subway-first ingredients, and a new way to order your sammys.

The new ‘Subway Series‘ is a lineup of sandwiches, which can be ordered by name or number, now available at all locations across Canada. This changes the traditional ordering experience!

The next time you step foot inside a Subway location, along with the all-new menu, you’ll notice new ingredients like Smoky Beef Brisket, Fresh Mozzarella, Rich Pesto, and Zesty Habanero Jack Cheese.

“The introduction of the Subway Series means guests can leave the decisions to the experts. With a curated balance of flavour profiles, unbeatable taste and expertly-designed ingredient combinations, ordering has never been easier,” said Chef John Botelho, Culinary Manager at Subway Canada.

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As for the menu, here are the new options you can now try at Subway Canada:

  • Deli: Canuck Classic (#1), Great Canadian Club (#2), Turkey Rancher (#3)
  • Chicken: Kickin’ Chicken (#4), Chicken Rancher (#5), Teriyaki Crunch (#6), Green Goddess Chicken (#7)
  • Steak & Veggie: Steak’n Bacon (#8), Stampede Brisket (#9), Steak “N” Egg (#10), Green Goddess (#11)
  • Italianos: Mozzarella Bella (#12), Suprimo (#13), Little Italy (#14), Meatballer (#15)

“This menu introduction and new way to order is our most significant undertaking in our history – and we’re confident it will be a welcome one for Canadians,” said Doug Fry, Subway Canada’s Managing Director.

“We’re challenging Canadians to say ‘Yesway!’ to a new experience, and we know they won’t be disappointed. Of course, customization will always remain an option – but when Canadians taste these pairings – we know they won’t just be convinced, they’ll be amazed.”

Head to your local Subway and try them out for yourself!