Waterfalls, rushing rivers, scenic views and humbling hikes – what more could an outdoor adventurer want? You’ll find all of that and more at Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater, a thrilling provincial park in Ontario. And it just so happens to be home to the highest point in the entire province.

According to Ontario Parks, Lady Evelyn is considered to be “a spectacular wilderness class park encompassing rugged topography, clear lakes, stunning waterfalls, and rushing rivers.”

It’s a sight to see and a place to explore. If you’re looking to reach new heights, you’ll love to know that Lady Evelyn has ancient Precambrian bedrock that formed towering domes with panoramic views.

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Its highest summit, Ishpatina Ridge, is actually the highest point in all of Ontario. Yup, it’s true.

If you’re well-equipped and up for the challenge, you will get to enjoy panoramic views at Maple Mountain, too.

After your sky-high adventure, explore the land and its waters. The park is connected to a 2,400 km canoeing network that consists of Parks, Conservation Reserves, and Crown lands, per Ontario Parks.

That also includes its famous old-growth White and Red pine forests.

Now if you’re looking for an outdoor adventure, this is the place to be – immersed in the green foliage, jaw-dropping nature, and the highest of peaks.

Plan your trip to Lady Evelyn Smoothwater Provincial Park.

Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater Provincial Park

When: Now open until October 27th, 2024
Where: 24 Finlayson Park Road, Temagami