Too much stuff? Instead of paying for a storage unit, why not put it in your neighbour’s garage instead? With their permission, of course. 

That may sound like a joke, but it’s exactly the idea behind this innovative Toronto storage solutions company, Storzzy!

With this new platform, people in the GTA can leverage their unused space and turn it into extra cash, while their friends, family, and neighbours can get cheaper storage closer to home and in the hands of someone they trust.

Storzzy is the brainchild of two local Toronto-based entrepreneurs who are developing a peer-to-peer storage platform to help users store their belongings, and others to make a passive income off space that’s just sitting there.

Photo via Storzzy

It all started when one of the founders, Nigel, was complaining to his neighbour about how much he was paying for storage every month. His neighbour told him that he could use the extra space he had in his garage, and Nigel offered to pay him half of what he was currently paying for a storage locker. 

Nigel got to save money and keep his stuff next door, while his neighbour got to make money off space he wasn’t using anyway. Hands were shaken, and an idea took hold. 

Here’s what Nigel had to say:

“It’s a cheaper storage alternative in a market that’s ripe for disruption. We want people to save and make money while engaging in a positive way with their neighbours and communities.”

Storzzy is currently looking for early adopters who are interested in leveraging their basements, garages, sheds, and extra space to make passive income. Learn more by checking out their website. 

Who knows? Maybe that empty attic could be put to better use…