Pack your bags, some snacks, and press shuffle on your road trip playlist because the season of adventure is in full swing and it won’t last long! Whether it’s for the night, an entire weekend, or longer, It’s not a bad idea to get off the grid and reconnect with your friends, family, or self. And guess what? We’ve got just the place. Located in Cherhill, Alberta on Refuge Bay, this week’s unique stay offers luxury accommodations, hundreds of acres of land to explore, and an incredible view.

No matter the time of year, guests (up to 4) are encouraged to stargaze through the geodesic dome’s transparent roof, break a sweat in the wood-burning sauna and use the on-site BBQ to cook an indulgent meal on their own time; after all, you deserve to live your life on your own terms!

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unique stay
Photo Via Airbnb

In addition to doing whatever in the heck you want, whenever the heck you want, this gorgeous spot is incredibly private, fully stocked with the essentials, and has an insanely comfy bed to cozy into at the end of a relaxing day.

The best part? At $225 a night it’s totally affordable if split between you and yours – so check it out!

unique stay
Photo Via Airbnb

Dates for this place fill up quickly so don’t hesitate to get to it ASAP, so you can get up to a whole lot of nothing sooner rather than later!

For more information or to book now, check out the official Airbnb listing below. You won’t regret it!


Where: Cherhill, Alberta