When it comes to dining experiences, there are strictly two types of people out there. Lot #1 will let their phones take in the views and eat before they do. Lot #2 will grab forks and knives even before the server has placed the dish on the table (FYI, the latter are our kind of people). And no matter which lot you belong to, we’ve gotta say, Starbelly in southeast Calgary has you covered.

The tucked-away spot is garnering a lot of attention from Instagrammers, foodies, and content curators. And for good reason too.

First, of course, is the food. The head chef behind all the scenes is Manuel Panfili. With extensive time spent at two Michelin-starred restaurants before he moved to Calgary, he now brings a star-worthy expertise to the Starbelly menu.

You’ll notice a touch of Italian flavours which makes sense given that it’s Panfili’s home country. But the overall flavour profile is globally inspired. Alongside pizzas and pastas galore, there’s also Bacon-Wrapped Dates, burgers, steak sandwich, pork chops. You get the idea.

Photos via Curiocity

While the cuisine might have taken inspiration from across the globe, the ingredients are one hundred percent local and super fresh.

And if you find their food menu elaborate, wait till you see their drinks menu. There’s a whole lineup of beers and ciders and wines and vodkas. Oh, and don’t even get us started on their innovative cocktails. The Rosemary Grapefruit Spritz and the 1908 Lychee Martini are not to be missed.

Photos via Curiocity

Now here’s the bombshell of them all… the setting in which these fancily plated dishes and pretty concoctions are served. The views are fab and the vibe is equal parts chic and classy. No wonder it’s often used as a wedding venue too. Now imagine having this dreamy setting as the backdrop for your next few posts.

Don’t trust us? Well, Calgary, check out Starbelly’s Instagram for some seriously amazing eats on the menu. Hit’em up once you’re done drooling over their Insta, you’ll thank us later.