Gear up Calgary, there’s a new community-centered celebration coming to town this spring and it is all about togetherness. Aptly named Celebrating Life, the event aims to honour the lives of loved ones passed on during the pandemic but also to celebrate their lives and recognize the strength and support of our fellow community members in times of hardship.

The city-wide event draws inspiration from cultural traditions such as the Mexican Dia de Muertos and the experience of Equinox Vigil. Celebrating Life offers a place of remembrance alongside a vibrant collection of joyful activities and presentations. And frankly, after the past couple of years of isolation, such a celebration is exactly what we need.

So, what exactly does this event entail? Well, expect a lively series of art and culture activities-performances, installations, musical concerts, community and culture-centered conversations and an exciting medley of many more entertaining presentations. Two upcoming music and dance presentations to look forward to include ‘Scotiabank Backbeat presents Celebrating Life’ on May 14th at Studio Bell, and ‘Celebrating Life in Partnership with First Nations Arts Alliance’ on May 20th at Bullhead Hall.

Celebrating Life Vigil invites all Calgarians to be part of a special gathering taking place at the historic Union Cemetery. These activities will be focused around honouring the lives of members lost.

What makes Celebrate Life extra special is that, unlike most events, it isn’t centred in DT Calgary alone. There will be activities happening in every quadrant of the city. And even virtually for that matter. So, you can be a part of the celebration in person or tune into their virtual concerts and activities. And of course, share all the beautiful memories of your loved ones via their online gallery and digital tributes.

All through the months of May, and June, our beautiful city will become a creative celebratory hub. So don’t miss out!

You can check out the full list of events and all other deets on Celebrating Life’s website.


When: Now – June 18, 2022