Did you know that nestled along Ontario’s Golden Horseshoe are two beautiful waterfalls, one of which is almost as high as Niagara Falls? Spencer Gorge Conservation Area is home to these geological formations and more. Here’s what to know about this spectacular natural area.

Just a short drive away from Toronto is Spencer Gorge Conservation Area, part of the Hamilton Conservation Authority. If you’re a sucker for beautiful sights and natural landscapes, then you’d love to make the day trip and see the falls for yourself.

As previously mentioned, there are two stunning waterfalls – Webster Falls and Tew Falls.

According to the group, Webster is described as a “magnificent tiered waterfall” while Tew is recognized for its height. It stands tall at 41 metres which, per the conservation authority, is only “a few metres shorter than Niagara Falls.”

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Besides the waterfalls, there are several other activities to do at Spencer Gorge including hiking on its many trails, bird watching, and geocaching. It’s important to note that any person wishing to place a cache on HCA lands MUST have a permit.

Due to its popularity, Spencer Gorge, including Tew Falls, Dundas Peak, and Webster Falls will require reservations on long weekends and into the fall season.

On any other day, it is open on a first-come, first-served basis.


There’s a reservation fee of $10 and per-vehicle charge of $16. On non-reservation days, the entry fee is $16.
There is also a per-passenger fee of $5 if you’re over the age of five, and those who walk in or bike must pay an entry fee of $5.

If you’re planning on making the trip, be sure to check out their reservation schedule in case they’re booked up.

Spencer Gorge Conservation Area

Where: Harvest Rd, Dundas, ON