There’s no such thing as a “zero stress life.” There is, however, such a thing as stress management. And thanks to Vancouver-born brand Soul Self Apparel, and its “Mind Your Mind Challenge”, you can now beat stress, take care of your mental health, AND win amazing prizes all at once.

The Vancouver-based casual and loungewear brand had earlier launched the Mindfulness challenge in May. And after its immense success last time, they are bringing it back in October for Mental Health Awareness month.

As part of the challenge, you have to meditate for 200 minutes throughout October. Now, we know that sounds like a lot but it’s technically just 6.45 minutes a day.

Plus, your 200 minutes of Mindfulness will be a carefully and artfully guided journey.

soul self apparel
via Soul Self Apparel

Each day, Soul Self Apparel will release a 5 to 10 minute long video. And each video will have a different certified trainer guiding you through a variety of Mindfulness exercises. Expect breathing, meditation, mindset and movement.

But guiding you to mental wellness isn’t all. Soul Self did one better. They are also giving out prizes!

All you have to do is sign up for the challenge, complete your 200 minutes and you will be entered into the draw. You could win a JRG $100 Gift card, WRKOUT Fitness Kit ($300 Value), Soul Self Apparel $100 Gift Card, Citrine & Rose gift box, Squish Juicery 2-Day Rest ($130 Value) and many more prize options!


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As for the proceeds from the challenge, 10% are donated to local mental health initiatives. The remaining is recycled into Soul Self’s initiatives like the Mind You Mind Challenge.

This isn’t the first time Soul Self has supported or developed an initiative. As a brand that strongly promotes self-love and self-acceptance, they regularly contribute to mental health initiatives. In fact, Mental Health is one of the four pillars of the brand’s ideology. Inclusivity, Sustainability & Community being the other three.


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Ready to be de-stressed, relaxed and recharged? Head over to their website (LINK BELOW) for all the deets on the challenge and to sign up.


When: Saturday, October 1st – Monday, October 31st, 2022
Cost: $30 CAD