An ambassador for mental, emotional, and physical health, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau has had an incredible journey, but it was not an easy one.

Through fear, frustration and doubt, the road to betterment is winding, but as explained by the advocate in her debut memoir, you’re not alone.

Set to be released on April 23rd, 2024, Closer Together: Knowing Ourselves, Loving Each Other invites readers on a “deeply personal journey toward self-knowledge and acceptance,” one that, she says, can be made easier by understanding why we think the way we do.

“If we don’t understand our own emotions and the wiring of our own personalities how can we lead and inspire other people to do good things on this planet?” she told Curiocity in May of 2023.

“I think truth, authenticity, and vulnerability are always going to be winners in the equation for more justice and more peace and more comprehension of who we are as human beings.”


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In addition to sharing her own experience, the book will also feature interviews with a number of psychiatrists, scientists and thought leaders who represent professionals who are here to help.

“To suffer in isolation is to convince yourself that there’s nobody out there who would relate to what you’re feeling or who hasn’t been through it,” she continued.

“There are always allies out there and the minute you take that baby step of vulnerability, that point of discomfort where you can’t really see beyond the darkness, you take that leap and that leap could change the rest of your life.”

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In addition to local retailers, Closer Together is available for pre-order via Chapters-Indigo and Amazon right now.

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