Well, Calgary, it’s been about a week since some jerk stole the foosball table from the Bridgeland Plaza, but as it turns out, not all people totally suck. In fact, most humans are pretty great! So great, that one of them even anonymously replaced it.

Ahmad Abdulghani, the owner of Roma’s Pizzeria, put the table out in front of his restaurant in July, and it instantly became super popular with customers. Unfortunately, putting things out in public comes with its risks even though it really shouldn’t, because, ya’ know, stealing is illegal. 

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To the community’s dismay, we’re still not sure who snagged the original table top-game, or how they managed to get away with taking something so large. What we do know is that, as Adulghani says, “There are always more good people than bad.”

This generous donor of the new tabletop game has not been named, but on the off chance that they’re reading this, we just wanted to say, thanks, pal. Not only for the table but for making us, and everyone else, smile in 2020.