Just a few weeks after approving the use of psilocybin, the active ingredient in magic mushrooms, for one ‘regular’ patient in Canada, Health Canada is back again. This time around, they’ve approved some 17 health professionals to use them for the next year.

Why? Well, turns out that psilocybin might have some serious benefits for mental health. But, looking at a whiteboard telling you that and actually doing them are two different beasts. So, these doctors, nurses, therapists and social workers have been given the green light to take them for a spin themselves.

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We’ll tell you a secret- we envy them. But personal wants aside, we’re happy to see that Health Canada is taking the next steps in figuring out if psilocybin is worth regulating for therapeutic use. We have a sneaking suspicion that it is, but we appreciate that due diligence is required here.

Speaking of sneaky, you should also know that Canada has already approved a few companies to produce magic mushrooms for therapeutic use. So, we’ve got a history of use in patients, companies that are allowed to make them, and now, health professionals taking them for a spin.

Can you imagine saying this to someone in the 80s? You’d be laughed out of the city. Well hey, how times change, are we right? For more info, we recommend checking out the organization Therapsil, which is on the front line of the magic mushrooms wave in Canada.