We’re not political pundits, so we’ll try not to get too deep into this. But, the Government of Alberta announced yesterday that families across the province will receive a one-time payment of $561. This payment is to help cover the costs of child care, so let’s see who’s eligible.

In order to apply, families must have a net income of under $100,000 a year. Plus, they need to have used some form of childcare between the months of April and December last year. The payment should affect over 190,000 children around the province.

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The announcement came just an hour before the new budget for Alberta is released this afternoon. So, some publications and groups are worried that Alberta might have fewer subsidies available for childcare in the future. For reference, the previous program, which provided childcare for $25 a day, is getting terminated.

For more info on the payment, as well as how to apply, just head to the Government of Alberta website. Applications officially open on March 1st, and will be available throughout the month.