Surrounding a series of scenic lakes, and home to a Temagami pine forest mixed with southern boreal forest, Solace Provincial Park is next on our radar and here’s what to know about this nature escape.

Talk about solace! Now this isn’t like any ordinary park in Ontario, Solace Provincial Park, located north of Sudbury, can only be reached by canoe or floatplane.

Considering it is a remote and roadless backcountry park, if you really want to explore it, you’ll have to really embark on an adventure.

According to Ontario Parks, Solace “encompasses a chain of narrow, scenic lakes that are parallel and oriented north to south, lying between a series of forest-covered ridges.”

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Many watersheds start here and as well as in Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater Provincial Park.

You’ll find Solace between Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater and Sturgeon River Provincial Park.

“It can be canoed as part of a longer route which includes those parks, or Crown land routes like the Yorston River. Alternately, paddlers can canoe just the lakes within the park at a more leisurely pace,” shares Ontario Parks.

“There are two short circle routes that lie completely within Solace and can even be done as day trips from a base camp.”

Solace is actually connected to a 2,400 km canoeing network that consists of parks, Conservation Reserves, and Crown lands.

The region’s canoe routes travel through some of the most rugged landscapes in Northern Ontario, per Ontario Parks. You’ll find four of Ontario’s highest peaks in Temagami’s backcountry parks.

As for swimming and hiking, considering that this is a remote park and more of a back-country adventure, be wary of your surroundings and enjoy the lake, along with its trails, safely.

It’s important to note that there is no cell service in this area, so physical maps and a satellite communicator are essential. Just in case.

Though you can canoe into Solace Provincial Park, a floatplane may sound like a better idea.

There is a floatplane service in the village of Temagami which is the closest fly-in access, according to Ontario Parks.

“There are also outfitting services in Temagami Village, renting canoes and gear, and other canoeing tripping services,” shares the site.

That being said, come prepared, pack what you need and enjoy the lovely outdoors!