As if we needed to feel worse about our inability to successfully get to the bottom of the hill without a face full of snow, decorated snowboarder Mark McMorris posted a video this week of him absolutely destroying Canada Olympic Park.

With two Olympic medals, seventeen X Games medals and four US Open Championship wins, McMorris, who is originally from Saskatchewan, made quite the impression during a quick trip to Calgary with fellow pros Seb Toots and Tyler Nicholson.

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In a 6 minute compilation posted to YouTube, the team can be seen tearing it up; reminding us that despite a bit of a sports drought – they’ve still got it.

Though Mark McMorris has left the city for now, it probably won’t be long until Calgary sees the bottom of his board again.  You see, according to a recent report, YYC is actually in talks to host several world ski and snowboard competitions in the coming months.

Due to COVID, this hasn’t been finalized but we’re thinking that we’ll get an answer soon! They can only keep us waiting for so long. Until then, check out the video above and join us in feeling totally inferior. Happy viewing, folks!