While Sneakerella shares a lot with its iconic inspiration, the latest movie coming to Disney+ is far, far away from a simple remake. Not only that, but it’s got some serious ties to Canada, having been filmed in Toronto and with Canadian actress Devyn Nekoda in one of the leading roles.

Compared to Turning Red, Sneakerella doesn’t exactly show off Toronto (and Hamilton, actually) unless you know where to look. Instead, the region has been transformed into New York, where the movie is ostensibly set. Even still, eagle-eyed viewers will see some glimpses here and there, from iconic streets to parks to TTC buses.

devyn nekoda interview
Photo via Disney/Brendan Adam-Zwelling

As the title suggests, Sneakerella ditches glass slippers (super uncomfortable) for stylish sneakers. El (played by Chosen Jacobs) works at his mom’s old shoe store, trying to balance his love of street style with the never-ending list of tasks from his uncle and cousins. Through his passion, he befriends Kira King (Lexi Underwood), who turns out to be the daughter of a former basketball star turned sneaker mogul.

However, if not for Sami, played by Devyn, we doubt that El would get off the ground. As his best friend, Sami is both playful critic and avid supporter, giving him the opportunity and confidence to show his designs to Kira and the world. Sure, there might be a Fairy Godparent in the movie, but we think Sami also gets an honorary title.

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Photo via Disney/Brendan Adam-Zwelling

Make no mistake, the movie takes sneakers seriously, even opening with a ‘drop’ for a limited collection of Adidas. And Devyn is no stranger to streetwear in real life, with an Instagram page full of outfits that are perfect for any kind of season. With summer just around the corner, we knew we had to ask her for some tips.

Kicking things off with day-to-day sneakers, Devyn keeps things simple, opting for Nike Dunks “for sure”, Jordans (1s) but “high, not mid, high”, and the classic Converse. Ironically, Devyn has run into the same problem most sneakerheads face…

“I have these Off-White Converse that I really, really love but I don’t wear because I’m scared to mess them up… You can’t crease ‘em, you can’t get ‘em dirty.” We feel your pain, Devyn, trust us.

devyn nekoda interview
Photo via Disney/Brendan Adam-Zwelling

When it comes to summer style in general, Devyn “likes to keep it simple a lot of the time, [with] a two-piece matching set because then it looks like you did so much work but you bought them together, and you know that they go together.” Beyond that, she’s down for “a summer dress, or a romper, just something easy and simple but they can all be super different and they work with sneakers or heels”.

In fact, Devyn thinks that it’s the “accessories and shoes” that really make an outfit, so we had to ask about the finishing touches…


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“Right now, sunglasses. I didn’t used to be a sunglasses girl, but now I am, and even glasses. I started working actually at an optometrist’s office so I think that’s why I’m kinda into that right now (laughs), but I’m always switching them out to match my outfit. It’s really fun, actually”.

So chunky, clean, or fast?

“You have to have speed glasses, those I keep in the car all the time. But I’d say chunky, a lot of the time I like to keep my outfits basic, and if you have some glasses that are kind of ‘out there’ then it makes it ten times better”.

Well Devyn, not only do we agree with you, but we think Anna Wintour would as well. If you’re looking for a movie to watch this weekend, make sure to check out Sneakerella, which premieres exclusively on Disney+ starting today, Friday, May 13th.