People, it’s not time to put your iced drinks aside just yet ‘cause Snapple Spiked has found a way to transport you to summer past and summer future every single sip. The brand recently brought its new hard iced tea flavour, Mango Raspberry Tea, to Alberta and it feels like a tropical vacation in your mouth. Hey, when we can’t physically travel that easily, at least you can let your taste buds do so! 

Frankly, we shouldn’t be surprised given that the brand has been getting it right with its flavours forever (we’re yet to encounter a Snapple Spiked we didn’t like). Be it classic flavours like Tea & Lemonade or fun combos like Watermelon Tea, the brand has never once let its game dip. And Mango Raspberry Tea is just as worthy as the other flavours in the Snapple Spiked boozy tea drinks roster. 

Snapple Spiked Mango Raspberry Tea is a limited-edition spiked iced tea flavour that has been introduced in a select few provinces across Canada. Lucky for us, Alberta was recently added to that list, boo-yah! 

snapple spiked
Photo via Snapple

As the name suggests the drink brings together natural flavours of mango, raspberry, iced tea and of course, vodka (5.5% of it), just enough to add a kick we all kinda need this time of the year let’s be honest. And not gonna lie, we’re pretty convinced we just found THE all-occasion sip of the season! Whether you’re thinking post-work gatherings, pre-drinking before nights out with your pals or holiday dinners with the fam, trust Snapple Spike to uplift the moment! 

And if you want to add one of your usual faves from the six fun spiked flavours− Tea & Lemonade, Watermelon Tea, Strawberry Kiwi, Long Island Iced Tea, RaspCherry Tea & Peach Tea− to the mix, well, we’re not gonna be the ones stopping you! Though we do suggest you go big on Mango Raspberry Tea while it’s still available. We know we’re going to, and you’d be a fool not joining us!