Canada has no shortage of beautiful waterfalls, bustling cities and breathtaking coastlines, but not every destination is a scenic delight.

If you’re looking for something a little more ‘alternative’ consider checking out the Snake Dens of Narcisse, Manitoba where you’ll find the biggest concentration of slithering creatures in the world. 

Rich with red-sided garter snakes, this place is one of a kind – especially in the springtime.

Starting at the end of April, thousands of legless critters emerge from their winter hideouts and engage in a mating ritual that lasts for 3 weeks into May.

During this period, the public can stroll along 3.0 kilometres of self-guided interpretive trails and take a peek from their observation platforms as the snakes gather in four massive pits below.

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Photo via Shutterstock

Aren’t able to visit when it all kicks off? No worries, visit in early September before they slither back underground.

Just be sure that (no matter when you travel) you come prepared with a cap, windbreaker and, of course, some closed-toed shoes!

As for us, well, we’ll be cheering you on from a distance.

There’s truly nothing else like the Snake Dens of Narcisse – it’s just not for us.

Snake Dens of Narcisse – Manitoba, Canada 

When: April – May and September
Where: MB-17, Narcisse, MB