Sometimes we visit a website, and are like “why does this exist?” Other times, we visit a website, ask why it exists, and then spend 45 minutes clicking around on it. The Snackerator is one of those .ca’s.

We’re all going to miss the Stampede this year. There’s this sense of overwhelming ‘blah’ that we’ve been trying to hush since the announcement. Now, what might fill such a void? That’s a personal journey we’re all going to need to take… but we’re going to try the food. Beautiful, glorious deep-fried food.

Created by Julia Williams and Mason Hastie, this hilariously-Calgarian site is exactly what we need knowing that the Stampede won’t be around this year.

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See, this year, our kitchen will be our midway and the stove is whatever food truck we want it to be! That’s where this the Snackerator comes in. This website basically generates wild, but realistic names for foods that you’d almost definitely see on the grounds.

We’re taking inspiration from totally made up, but tasty-sounding treats like “Grandmas California baklava impaled on a churro,” and ‘animal style Mexi fries deluxe,’ bringing the Stampede’s spirit back to life through powdered sugar and grease. She’s here, Calgary if you only believe.

If you’d like to check out this (kind of bizarre) website, you can do so here. July will be what we make it, folks. This year, make it delicious.