Being a paw parent is inarguably one of the most wonderful feelings in the world. That said, it is also a universally known fact that having fur babies is a rewarding yet big responsibility. We want our fur babies to be happy, but we also want our lives to be easier. So, we thank the heavens for all the amazing smart pet products of 2023.

From helping you get rid of the constant pet hair to helping your four-legged fam get in some much-needed exercise. Here are 6 smart pet products of 2023 that every pet parent ought to own.

Take a look—

Maytag® Pet Pro System

As far as smart pet products of 2023 go, the Maytag® Pet Pro System is an ingenious, game-changing product that will make your life a whole lot easier and your home a lot less messy. It is a complete laundry system, aka washer and dryer combo. What makes it different is that it is specifically engineered for homes with pets. The washer comes with a Pet Pro filter that can filter out 5x** more pet hair. And the dryer comes with an XL lint trap that further helps remove a ton of hair. The best part – you don’t need any prework.

**Comparing Normal cycle with Pet Pro Filter and option to cycle using traditional agitator without Pet Pro Filter and option. Results will vary based on fabric and type of pet hair.

Cost: starting at $999.99

Litter Robot: Self-Cleaning Litter Box

When a product goes by the tagline, “never scoop cat poop again,” we take note of it. As was the case with the Litter Robot. Now in its fourth generation, this fancy-looking product is exactly what it promises to be… a self-cleaning litter box. As if that alone wasn’t enough of a sell, this multi-cat-friendly litter box also controls odour and is WiFi enabled.

Cost: starting at $669

pet products 2023
Photo via Litter Robot

PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher

This isn’t a new gadget but it certainly continues to be one of the top smart pet products of 2023. Primarily because it keeps your doggos self entertained and gives you some time to r

ecuperate. But also because this specific model comes with a bunch of convenient settings from 9 different distances, to 6 angles, to training sounds and more. It’s a pretty nifty addition to your collection.

Cost: $230.95

pet products 2023
Photo via PetSafe

PETKIT GO Smart Dog Leash

This smart dog leash is basically like a walking app but for your four-legged babies. All you have to do is download the PETKIT app on your phone and pair it with the leash. You can set timers, track routes, drop and share pins and a lot more with these convenient-to-use leashes. It even comes with LED lights that you can use for after-dark walks. The lights can be controlled through the app.

Cost: $122.75

Photo via PETKIT

Pet Genius SmartFeeder

Smart Feeders are a blessing for pet parents with hectic or busy schedules. After all, they ensure that no matter what, our pet babies are fed well & in a timely manner. And this Pet Genius feeder comes with a camera so you can even view your cute babies enjoying their meals and share adorable screen grabs on social.

Cost: $155.99

Photos via Amazon

Sureflap: Microchip Pet Door

This is another cool product that’s made its way to the top smart pet products of 2023. If you’ve ever struggled with strays walking into your home through your flap doors, this is exactly the thing you need. Sureflap uses RFID that reads your pet’s microchip and opens only for microchips that have paired with it. It can be paired with up to 32 microchips. And you can also specify lock and unlock times.

Cost: $314.60

Photo via Sureflap

There you have it folks! Some of the best smart pet devices and doodads that are worth investing in. Because, let’s face it, money spent on making life less hectic and more happy is always worth the splurge.