A new Halal smash burgers restaurant has opened in Seattle! And there is more on the new spot’s menu.

Sma5h Burgers opened at the start of March at 7101 Martin Luther King Way South. The new Halal smash burger joint says its journey originated from “a profound desire to provide outstanding fast-food experiences.”

“Originating as a modest family-owned eatery and evolving into a cherished hub for burger aficionados, our path is marked by an unwavering dedication to excellence and a fervent devotion to crafting delightful memories for our patrons, all while ensuring our offerings are Halal-certified,” it adds.

So what’s on the menu here?

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Image via SmaSh

You’ll find Halal smash burgers that start at $6.80, which is for the cheese burger.

Other burger options include Simple Sma5h, Super Sma5h, as well as a Supreme Sma5h, which goes for $12.80.

There is also a Halal Deluxe Chicken Sandwich, and a Chopped Cheese with Halal beef. Chicken nuggets are also available.

Sides include fries, loaded fries, and sweet potato fries. These start at $4.20.

For drinks, you can pick up a Sma5h Shake or Sma5h Cane, which is made with Original Sugar Cane.

Hungry yet?

Sma5h Burgers

When: Open daily 11am to 11pm
Where: 7101 Martin Luther King Way South, Seattle , WA