If you’re eager to head outdoors and explore the beauty that is of Ontario’s wonderful landscapes, we know just the place to start. Sleeping Giant Provincial Park offers breathtaking views from the tallest cliffs in the province and through it’s over 100 km of incredible trails, secluded lakes and more.

Though this isn’t day trip material, it’s definitely worth the 14 hour trip from Toronto. Close to the U.S border, just a drive away from Thunder Bay is where you’ll find Sleeping Giant Provincial Park.

For hikers and nature enthusiasts, this park is a true gem, boasting over 25 different hiking trails, all interconnected in one way or another. According to Ontario Parks, its trails span over 100 km and they’re available for all fitness levels.

These paths wind along the rugged shoreline of Lake Superior, showcasing magnificent geological features like the awe-inspiring ‘Sea Lion’ and Tee Harbour.

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Embark on a journey along the Top of the Giant Trail where you’ll find spectacular scenic views atop the tallest cliffs in Ontario.

Here you’ll find the greatest uninterrupted vertical drop in the province, according to Ontario Parks.

It also provides access to some of the most breathtaking lookout points in central Canada. The trail stretches 21.8 km round trip from the South Kabeyun Trailhead parking lot and usually takes 6-10 hours to complete.

Talus Lake Trail is another long adventure that travels between the Sleeping Giant and Thunder Mountain, connecting the Kabeyun Trail with the Sawyer Bay Trail. According to Ontario Parks, this trail passes by three secluded lakes, a sedge meadow, jaw-dropping cliffs, talus slopes, and two cascading creeks.

“A portion of the trail travels over a boulder-field and another section crosses a beaver-dam. Proper trip planning and navigational skills are necessary to complete this challenging trail,” they share.

Come prepared for a tough but unforgettable journey.

There are also well-designed park trails for those looking to go on a mountain biking adventure.

With gorgeous views and adventures in every corner, who wouldn’t want to explore Sleeping Giant Provincial Park this season?

Sleeping Giant Provincial Park

Where: R R 1, Pass Lake, Ontario