2020 had us stressed to the max, so we’re calling 2021 the year of chill. Speaking of chill, there is a new perfect chilled bevvie on the market; a sparkling water made specifically to steer us away from that next burnout. Introducing Daydream, the first hemp and adaptogen-infused sparkling water in Canada. 

Are you downing multiple coffees to wake up, or chugging Red Bull to keep you going past the 3 PM hump? This stuff is a new type of wellness drink that gives you a boost of energy, the ability to focus, and the calm feeling we’re all seeking. And let’s face it, we could all use some plant-powered peace of mind.

Photos via Daydream

Daydream is the sparkling water that you didn’t know you needed in your life. This 0 sugar, plant-based adaptogen beverage is a new concept, but trust us, that it 100% hits the right spot every time. As a better-for-you-alternative to other canned drinks, you can feel great without all the synthetic chemicals. Skip the strain that caffeine puts on your body and reap some unique benefits that centre and balance you out. 

We like that Daydream keeps us focused during our busy schedules and makes sure our energy levels and hormones are in check, so we feel like our best selves on good days and bad. We can even see this replacing a cocktail or two, always a bonus for our health.

Photos via Daydream

Each can of Daydream includes powerful ingredients that aid in soothing an overwhelmed state of mind. Besides naturally flavoured sparkling water, it’s got these cool ingredients:

  • Hemp: positively influences our bodies’ regulation, rich in Omegas
  • Ginseng: helps you feel more focused throughout the day, and boosts memory and cognition 
  • Schisandra: a berry best known for easing stress by reducing free radicals in the brain. Lifts your overall spirit, and subdues tension 
  • Moringa leaf: gives you a natural boost of energy and antioxidation

Each flavour in the line-up is a step above your typical sparkling water. Check out flavour pairings like Blackberry Chai, Cucumber Lime, and Peach Ginger, all made with all-natural fruit concentrate. We think they may be onto something here because these bad boys have earned a rightful spot on our nightstands, office desk, bar cart, you name it.

Daydream is now rolling out in Western Canada and so far- people are loving it. Keep an eye out for it hitting the shelves on the best coast- thanks to you! 

Make sure to check out their store locator to see where it’s available in your area, and keep your eyes peeled for their tie-dye coloured cans at your local London Drugs or Loblaws. Pro tip: get free shipping with an order of their 6-pack sampler, and a 15% sign-up bonus when you order direct from their site.

Once you’ve got your hands on these tasty little miracle workers,  follow them on Insta (@Daydream) and Twitter (@drinkdaydream) and tell them what you think! Happy daydreaming!