The Caesar is not just everyone’s favourite Sunday morning/afternoon drink, it is considered Canada’s national cocktail. It’s no wonder a Toronto hotel has decided to have a special Caesar, dedicated to Canada Day.

The Sheraton Centre Toronto introduced its latest and limited-time show stopper “the Ultimate Caesar” this week to celebrate Canada Day.

This is a drink with multiple layers to it, so let’s break it down.

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Image via Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel

According to the hotel, the special cocktail is made from premium spirits, house made horseradish and jalapeno mix.

The drink is served over dry ice, and then garnished with smoky, maple-glazed bacon, succulent Atlantic lobster claws, East Coast clams, beef croquettes, grilled octopus, beef sliders and assorted veggies.

The Ultimate Caesar is available during the month of July, at 43 Down (the Sheraton Centre Toronto’s lobby level lounge.)

If you’re wondering the cost? This multi-layered Caesar will set you back $72.

The Caesar has truly come a long way since it was invented by Walter Chell in Calgary, back in 1969.

While we generally enjoy our own drinks, you may want to share this one!

Happy Canada Day, Toronto!

The Ultimate Caesar – at 43 Down

When: July, 2024
Where: 123 Queen Street West
Cost: $72