Did you know that there’s a lake in Ontario that is filled with 99 islands, all different sizes? Sharbot Lake is next on our Ontario travels and if you’re on the hunt for a true road trip adventure, add this lake to your list.

About a three and half hours drive east of Toronto, north of Kingston is Sharbot Lake – the village and lake.

According to the village’s site, Sharbot Lake is a “small wonder”, surrounded by many lakes that are home to stunning beaches, hiking trails, campsites, tours, fishing, and other fun activities. Though the village itself is worth exploring, the true gem is the surrounding lake, also named Sharbot Lake.

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The lake is actually made up of two bodies of water – upper and lower lakes with an over length of over 10 miles.

But that’s not all! It contains 99 islands made up of various sizes, according to the town’s site.

Some of these islands include Cheese Island, Round Island, Riders Island, Doyles Island, Cooley Island, just to name a few.

Though Sharbot Lake may not be a name as attention grabbing as these, according to Sharbot Lake, it was once known as Crooked Lake in 1826 and Chabot in 1856.

“According to village history The Sharbot’s were the village’s first permanent residents. Chief Francis Sharbot and Susan Mary Nagritte, came from the Lake of the Two Mountains, Quebec along with the Beavers (settled in Lanark County), Antoines and Whiteducks,” per the village site.

“Chief Francis and Susan M Nagritte came up the Mississippi and Fall rivers where they made camp on one of the many attractive points on Sharbot Lake. Overtime, a village grew on the shore of this lake that was eventually named after them.”

And it’s remained like that ever since! The charming village and peaceful lake are worth exploring if you’re a sucker for the outdoors.

So if you plan on visiting Sharbot Lake, both the village and body of water, you’re in for a real treat