If you were hoping to be once again partying in a forest with a few thousand other people this summer, we’ve got some bad news. Shambhala Music Festival announced that the 2021 event has been cancelled yesterday, becoming one of the first major festivals to do so in the province. Here’s a little more info.

Shambhala said that the cancellation was due to recent public health restrictions in BC and the ongoing border closure between Canada and America. However, the organizers did say that they were anticipated the return in 2022 to be ‘truly spectacular’.

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In the meanwhile, ticket holds for either this year or last will have the next 3 years to redeem their tickets. Prior to the pandemic, Shambhala had been one of the most sought-after music festivals in Canada, selling out year after year and requiring a raffle system to even be able to buy tickets. So, we’re sure that the organizers weren’t looking forward to making the announcement.

However, we respect them for putting the health of the Salmo River area and BC in general ahead of a great party. For more information, you can head to the Shambhala Music Fest website.