Canada, you’ve been exposed! Your most intimate activities and your favourite sex pleasure toys have been revealed.

In honour of the most romantic holiday of the year, online sex shop Lovehoney has dished out its 2023 sex map, highlighting the kinkiest cities and provinces’ favourite “sexual pleasure products” across Canada.

But how do they know about that thing you do behind closed doors? According to the site, they used data from Lovehoney’s 2022 sales figures, their global study from summer 2022, their global expert network, and a few of their predictions for Sex Trends 2023. ​

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We’ve kept you waiting long enough, so we’ll start with the provinces first and what kind of sexual pleasure items their money goes towards:

canada sex
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British Columbia was crowned the “Most Frisky” thanks to the popularity of purchasing the most police roleplay costumes. Alberta is all about “togetherness” due to the fact that they’re the province that buys the most wearable couple’s vibrators more than the average province. Congrats!

Saskatchewan loves package deals apparently, that’s why “sex toy kits” is its top-selling category. Now for Manitoba, you’ll find that people there buy more lingerie than the average province which is pretty big considering that Ontario was voted the “sexiest province”. And no, not necessarily for its looks but rather because it bought the most amount of sex products in 2022.

Next up is Quebec with the kinkiest province award thanks to the purchase of fetish clothing – more than the average province.

canada sex
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Now for the eastern provinces, Newfoundland and Labrador loves it bigger and better – that is due to its preference for toys with the most girth. PEI was crowned with the “Beginner Friendly Award”, New Brunswick with the kink for Lovehoney’s Tentacle Texture Glass Dildo, and Nova Scotia saw more money being spent on blindfolds, masks, and gags, more than the average province.

Last but not least, the most northern provinces; Yukon spends more money on waspies and cinchers more than the average province, NWT purchases the biggest dildos on average and Nunavut’s top-selling product is a double stimulation vibrator.

Now for cities, we’ll keep it short and sweet which is something Vancouver knows nothing about apparently. It’s the city that buys the most bondage rope and tape, and collars/leashes. Edmonton buys the most fantasy costumes while Calgary buys the most tail butt plugs. Yeehaw!

Saskatoon buys the most sex machines and Montreal spends more money on male masturbators.

And for the other cities, well you can find that in the chart below:

canada sex
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Fun fact: Lovehoney found that the length of all sex toys sold in 2022 in Canada equals the height of the CN Tower stacked on top of itself four times. Now that’s an icebreaker.

First, it was Pornhub’s most recent report on Canada’s most searched terms, now it’s this? Canada