The Vancouver Canucks are hosting their fifth annual ‘Diwali Night’ tonight, in celebration of, of course, the major festival celebrated around the world. And in addition to a bunch of stuff to look forward to at the game itself, they’re also auctioning off some absolutely gorgeous jerseys.

How gorgeous? One way to put it is through Seth Rogen, who is willing to swap one of his vases to get his hands on one. And for reference, he’s only put up one of his works before, during the Vancouver Art Gallery’s recent auction. That thing managed to fetch a cool price of $12,000.

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However, it might not even get to that point. Soon after his Twitter post, the Canucks account responded, asking Rogen if he’d like to work out a deal with them directly. We have to admit, it’d be kind of fun to see a vase of his sitting in a display case in Rogers Arena.

Of course, the jerseys (designed by local artist Jag Nagra) aren’t the only thing to look forward to tonight. Other activations include everything from a ‘Diwali Plaza’ set up outside the arena, to a live performance from Surrey singer-songwriter Intense, and a variety of Diwali-inspired Canucks merch.

To sum it up, this is going to be a game you won’t want to miss, and you can still grab tickets! Enjoy the night, folks!