Last summer was a wild ride weather-wise, with extreme heat, wildfires, and droughts. With all that in mind, you’re probably a bit curious about what to expect this summer which is completely understandable. So here’s an early look at the extended Seattle summer forecast.

The two main themes this summer are hot and dry. And before you get worried about record-breaking heat, Washington is currently only leaning above national temperature averages for June, July, and August. Compare that to middle and eastern parts of the country that are currently likely above national temperatures.

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seattle summer forecast
Photo via National Weather Forecast

Heat is one thing but what about precipitation? Well, Washington is currently leaning below average national precipitation percentages for June, July, and August. So that means we can probably all expect another drought but on the upside, less of our city’s characteristic rain.

Photo via National Weather Service

According to the National Weather Service‘s Seattle Summer forecast, it looks like this summer will be high err slightly above normal, and dry. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for no extremes and enjoy these last few weeks of late spring while looking forward to all that this summer has to offer.