Summer is just around the corner and now is looking like the perfect time to treat yourself to a getaway. Especially when tickets to one of our country’s most free-loving cities are only $68. That’s right, this August you can get Seattle to San Francisco flights for the same price as dinner.

While Seattle to San Francisco flights aren’t usually the most expensive, they can range upwards into hundreds of dollars so a $69 flight is a pretty good deal. The flight is being offered by Alaska Airlines, and here’s what it entails.

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seattle san francisco flights
Photo via Orbitz

This ticket price is for a one-way flight only. You don’t have the ability to change seats, cancel or change flights. However, you can earn miles and you also get one free carry-on. If you have multiple bags your first checked bag will cost you $30 up to 50 lbs and your second $40 up to 50 lbs.

If you’ve been waiting for an excuse to head to San Francisco let this be it. After all, you have the time to plan ahead and find equally affordable accommodations. You can learn more about Seattle to San Francisco flights at Orbitz website.