Seattle’s food scene just keeps getting better and more unique. And honestly, we’re surprised that so many new restaurants have opened during the pandemic but we’re happy to see it. So now you can welcome Mochinut Seattle to the scene.

Mochinut serves up Japanese mochi donut and Korean style corndog making it a super niche spot. However, for those of us who are into unique food items, this is an immediate must-try spot. After all, how can you go wrong with donut flavors like churro, raspberry drizzle, ube, Nutella almond, taro pebbles, and mango.

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But beyond the amazing flavors of these donuts, we’re super into the shape. The almost honeycomb or flower shape means you can break off pieces for bite-sized chunks. So if you find the donuts to be overpowering, you can always save some for later.

If you’d like to learn more about Mochinut you can click here. And be sure to be patient with them as they work out hours. After all, opening a new business is hard, especially in the middle of a pandemic. With that, get out there and treat yourself to a unique donut!