Between the COVID-19 pandemic and summer, Seattle has seen all sorts of businesses move outdoors. From restaurant patios to sidewalk sales to markets, it feels like we’ve seen it all. It turns out, however, this city is full of surprises and we haven’t quite seen everything yet, as Seattle will be getting its first permanent outdoor hair salon later this summer. Let’s check out The Kismet Co.

The Kismet Co’s owner Lisa Clarno had to get creative during the pandemic after she lost her OG studio space and had to deal with COVID-19 regulations. So she did something somewhat unexpected, she started offering backyard mobile haircuts. And this turned out to be a huge success as it was not only COVID-19 safe but also gave access to haircuts for immune-compromised people.

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In an interview with My Ballard, Clarno revealed that she was out of her previous location when her landlord decided to sell the property and not offer lease renewals.

But, because Kismet & Co. had seen some impressive success over the course of the pandemic, Clarno looked for and found her new space on 17th Ave NW. Complete with a private backyard patio space, the new location allows her to continue offering outdoor hair cuts for those who need it or simply prefer it.

Of course, clients can still get haircuts indoors, but it’s pretty cool to have the option.

If that isn’t enough for you, The Kismet Co also happens to be a gender-neutral salon. That means they charge based on your hair length and not your gender which makes a whole lot more sense. We can’t wait to see The Kismet Co’s new space which opens at the end of this summer and in the meantime, you can still enjoy their mobile services. You can learn more by clicking below.

The Kismet Co

When: Opening TBA, Late summer 2021
Where: 5512 17th Ave NW