The star season in our region is just beginning. While our local farmers have plenty of great produce available year-round, spring and summer are the seasons when food here really shines. With that in mind, Seattle has several year-round farmer’s markets where you can find produce, dairy, meat, and much more. Here’s which Seattle Farmers Markets you can visit now.

Seattle has several all-season farmers markets including the University District, West Seattle, Capitol Hill, and Ballard farmers markets. All of these markets fall on a Sunday with the exception of the U District market which happens on Saturdays. So push those Sunday scaries aside and see what our local farmers have to offer.

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Beyond the normal all-season markets, you can now also check out the Columbia City Market which is the newest addition to the year-round crew. During both winter and spring, you’ll be able to find it every second Saturday before it returns to weekly hours during the summer and fall.

Current Seattle Farmers Markets

University District Farmers Market

Where: University Way NE between 50th & 52nd
When: Year round, Saturdays 9 AM-2 PM

West Seattle Farmers Market

Where: California Ave SW & SW Alaska
When: Year-round, Sundays 10 AM- 2 PM

Capitol Hill Farmers Market

Where: E Denny Way between Broadway & 10th Ave E
When: Year-round, Sundays 11 AM-3 PM

Ballard Farmers Market

Where: 5345 Ballard Ave NW
When: Year-round, Sundays 9 AM-2 PM

Columbia City Market

Where: 37th Ave S & S Edmunds St, just off Rainier Ave S
When: Wednesdays, May 3rd through Oct 11th


Lake City Farmers Markets

Where: NE 125th & 28th NE, next to the Library off Lake City Way
When: Thursdays, June 8th through October 5th

Phinney Farmers Market

Where: 6532 Phinney Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103, in the upper PNA lot
When: Fridays, June 2nd through September 29th

Magnolia Farmers Market

Where: W McGraw Street & 33rd Ave W in the Magnolia Village
When: June 3rd through Oct 14th