Wildfire season is coming a little later this year but it’s still pretty bad, smoke wise that is. Seattle had some of the worst air quality in the world over the weekend and its ranking is remaining pretty steady. Let’s check it out and see when cleaner skies are coming in.

IQAir ranks air quality across the world and normally Seattle stays pretty low on the list. However, on Saturday, air quality levels rose to an unprecedented level of 191 which is considered “unhealthy”. In comparison, today we sit at 91 which is considered “moderate”. It’s worth noting that our neighbors up north in Vancouver, BC, Canada, currently have the second worst air quality in the world with a ranking of 147.

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Seattle air quality
Photo via IQAir

While much of the state has been under an air quality alert, things are looking up for Seattle air quality. Above IQAir displays a return to “good” air quality levels as rain brings in cleaner air on Tuesday and Wednesday. According to NWS, more rain should be on the way this week.

With that, have a great week as Seattle returns to better air quality, and remember to be mindful of your relationship to wildfires. Only you can prevent them!