Though we love the Scarborough Bluffs, we’re off to explore another formation in Ontario. Within a sugar maple forest, surrounded by “The Bluffs”, is Saugeen Bluffs Conservation Area. If you’re looking for a summer day adventure, exploring the outdoors, then this Ontario park is the place to be.

You’ll find this gym about three hours northeast of Toronto. Saugeen Bluffs Conservation Area is located in Paisley, Ontario.

And according to Saugeen Conservation, the park is nestled within a 100-ha sugar maple forest.

“All are welcome to indulge in the peaceful surrounding of The Bluffs,” shares the conservation authority.

The Saugeen River, known as the “Sahging” to the earlier Ojibway people, flows through towering bluffs and winds through the countryside.

You can explore the park grounds through the recreational trail system which features a lookout over the scenic Saugeen River.

There are over 12 km of both recreational hiking and equine trails through the upland forest, per the conservation authority.

The trails are being redeveloped and may change, so make sure to check the parks website before you arrive. These recreational trails are under a “use at your own risk” policy, so stay aware of your surroundings as you embark on your hiking adventure.

You can reach the Bluffs lookout by following a trail at the north end of Main Street and past a small pond. There will be a set of wooden stairs to the lookout.

The Saugeen Bluffs got its name from the steep clay banks carved from the river. According to the park, the bluffs expose layers of sand, clay and boulder till in a 30 metre high moraine. They reflect the glacial history of the area.

Besides the bluffs, Saugeen Bluffs Conservation Area has about 181 camping sites for both tent and trailer users. Reservations for your next camping adventure can be made here.


To access the park, visitors are subjected to day-use fees and/or daily parking fees, starting at $5. For the full list of fees, click here.

Make sure to plan your weekend trip accordingly.

Enjoy your summer!

Saugeen Bluffs Conservation Area

Where: 132 Saugeen Bluffs Rd, Paisley, ON